New ways of using energy as well as innovative solutions are now accessible in the Quebec energy market. Whether improving the energy efficiency of your heating appliance or transitioning to dual energy, we have become the reference to support you in your energy transition. This is why Gaz Métro Plus is changing its name to GMP ENERGIE.


As a leader in the maintenance and repair of natural gas appliances, we can now assist you with servicing your electric or dual-energy appliances.
GMP ENERGIE, a team of certified experts at the forefront of the energy transition.

Choose the right appliance for you

Whether it is for your hot water, heating or air conditioning needs, GMP Énergie offers a whole range of appliances to meet them. Find out about our offers.

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Protect your appliances

GMP Énergie specializes in the repair and maintenance of water heaters, heating and air conditioning appliances and offers protection plans tailored to your needs.

Protect my appliances

Energy solutions at your disposal to meet all your needs!

Whether you want to schedule an appointment for the tune-up or repair of your heating or air conditioning appliances, GMP Énergie expert technicians are there at any time to meet your needs.

GMP Énergie offers the opportunity to schedule an appointment with a service technician directly on its website.

  • View available time slots
  • Get an email confirming your appointment
  • Avoid long waits on hold and enjoy the flexibility of this service
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Heat pump installation

Take advantage of new subsidy programs that will allow you to make significant savings and reduce your energy bills with Hydro-Quebec’s dual energy tariff.

Water heater replacement

Whether it's a natural gas or electric water heater, take advantage of the benefits of either energy source. Choose efficiency, performance and versatility.

Maintain your appliances

Whether it's heating or air-conditioning equipment, regular maintenance of your appliances will extend their life, improve their performance and help you avoid unfortunate breakdowns.

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Get a protection plan

Select the protection plan that suits you best, with a choice of maintenance frequency, parts and/or labor coverage. Peace of mind guaranteed!

Control your energy consumption

In the future in North America and in Quebec, energy consumption management will become a crucial element to consider in the face of climate change. The energy efficiency of your equipment will play a major role in your energy bill, as well as the use of the best energy source at the right time and at the right price. It is therefore important to consider the best solutions to control your energy consumption. GMP Énergie will assist you in your choices.