Improve the energy efficiency of your home

Replacing your natural gas heating system with a high-efficiency furnace can result in significant savings on your heating bill.

High-efficiency furnaces generally use less energy to produce the same amount of heat as older or less efficient furnaces. This means you could save money on your natural gas bill by reducing the amount of gas you use to heat your home or apartment.

Convert to dual-energy

What is dual energy?

Dual energy, or the combined use of two energy sources, offers an effective solution to increase energy efficiency. By using two different sources, such as electricity and fossil fuels, dual energy optimizes energy consumption.

When energy needs are low, the system uses electricity, which is often cleaner and more efficient for light loads. On the other hand, during peak demand or in situations where electricity is more expensive, the system automatically switches to natural gas.

Energy savings through dual energy

Flexibility between electricity and natural gas allows for a more efficient use of available energy resources and contributes to a reduced carbon footprint. This makes dual energy a wise choice for homeowners who are concerned about the energy efficiency of their homes while reducing their environmental footprint.

Heating conversion: grants are available

Depending on the type of heating system you have, financial assistance and new grant programs are available when you convert your heating system to dual energy. With a new dual-energy heater, you can save a lot of money while improving your energy performance.

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This offer is only available in the Greater Montreal area.

Residential heating units

Wide range of residential heater systems options

GMP Énergie offers you the possibility of choosing from among the best residential heating systems of recognized and reliable brands: Carrier, Amana, Goodman, York, Napoleon, Lochinvar, Buderus, Bosch, Raypak, IBC and Laars.

Maintenance and protection of your natural gas heating system

Did you know that maintaining your home's natural gas heating system is essential, even on a new equipment? Our experts can't stress this enough, for many different reasons.

Moreover, this natural gas heating maintenance honors the equipment manufacturers warranties on parts and components, and ensures the safety, performance, and energy efficiency of your unit.

In accordance with the Quebec Building Act, maintenance of your natural gas heating system must be done “according to the manufacturer's specifications”. 

Finally, the maintenance of your natural gas heater is important for the life of your appliance. It reduces the risk of a breakdown and promises optimal performance, as well as energy efficiency and energy savings.

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This offer is only available in the Greater Montreal area.


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