Ensure your peace of mind!

Did you know that, by having your heating systems regularly inspected and maintained, you will extend their life span, increase their reliability and enhance their energy performance?

Maintaining and repairing your heating equipment is often very expensive. Avoid these unexpected expenses which everyone would like to be spared. Opt for peace of mind by signing up for one of GMP Énergie’s guaranteed service contracts, and maximize your investment at the same time.

At GMP Énergie, we offer you the flexibility of choosing from among three types of guaranteed service contracts, depending on your specific needs. With our contracts, your equipment is maintained regularly, so there are fewer malfunctions and breakages. And if a breakage does occur, there’s no need to worry, since parts and/or labour are covered by your contract and you also benefit from our 24/7 service.

Type of Coverage

GMP Énergie service contracts are unique, flexible and affordable. Choose the service contract that suits you best :

Types of Contract Available1

  • Complete parts and labour coverage with annual maintenance
  • Labour coverage with annual maintenance
  • Annual maintenance only


  • Technical summary of multi-energy installations and recommendations
  • Combustion analysis and adjustments
  • Safety procedures (leaks, carbon monoxide, exhausting of combustion products)
  • Energy efficiency advice and support
  • Payment terms
  • Service priority
  • 24/7

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1 Certain conditions apply according to the terms of the plan.