Dual-energy, an economic and ecological choice

Take advantage of replacement of your heating or air conditioning system to convert to dual-energy. You could benefit from major grants allowing you to cover a significant portion of the conversion costs and take advantage of savings linked to Hydro-Québec’s dual-energy rates1. You'll also take an action that contributes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

IMPORTANT: the dual-energy offer is only available for buildings of 19 units or less, in the Greater Montréal area.

What is a dual-energy system

A dual-energy system is the combination of two energy sources to ensure your heating needs in your building. The system uses a fossil fuel (natural gas) to meet your heating needs during very cold weather (usually below –12 °C or –15 °C). When the temperature is not as cold, the electrical system takes over to heat your building. Everything is managed automatically by installing a smart thermostat and a temperature sensor. Hydro-Québec’s dual-register meter measures your consumption and allows you to benefit from the dual-energy rate, when you consume electricity outside cold periods.

Dual-Energy System

For hot water systems, dual-energy combines a natural gas boiler and an electric boiler.

Hot Water System BEFORE

Natural gas boiler and water heater


Hot Water System AFTER

Natural gas boiler combined with an electric boiler
Installation of an electric water heater to be evaluated according to the consumption of your building's occupants

Rate and Grants

Dual-Energy Rate (19 housing units or less building)2

The price of electricity at the dual-energy rate varies according to the temperature.

Price of energy consumed when the temperature is equal to or greater than –12°C or –15°C: 4.678 ¢/kWh

Price of energy consumed when the temperature is lower than –12°C or –15°C and you use natural gas for heating: 27.352 ¢/kWh

Source: Hydro-Québec rates as of April 1, 2023.

Available Grants3

Hot water heating customer: replaces the natural gas boiler + installs an electric boiler

Type of Building Available Grants (MERN + Énergir)
Buildings with 4 to 19 residential units From $4100 to $7100 depending on the number of residential units + energy efficiency grant (Énergir)
Electrical Work Maximum Grant (MERN)
Replacement of electrical panel $4500
Upgrade of the electrical system $2500


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This offer is only available in the Greater Montréal area

1 Offer available for Hydro-Quebec’s residential clients or to a participating municipal or co-operative network (contact us for details).

2 Eligible Participants must be new subscribers to Hydro-Québec’s residential dual-energy Rate DT or to a participating municipal or co-operative dual-energy rate (contact us for details on participating municipal or co-operative networks). They must also commit to using the dual-energy natural gas-electricity system at the dual-energy rate for a minimum period of ten (10) years from the date of enrolment in the dual-energy rate.

3 Certain conditions apply. Discounts may vary depending on the equipment installed and building characteristics. Additional costs may be incurred in connection with the electrical work required. Grant amounts paid out cannot exceed 100% of Eligible Project costs. The terms and conditions of the Offer and the amounts of the grants offered are subject to change without notice. Eligible Participants may be required to repay all or part of the Offer grants if the conditions and covenants agreed to by the Eligible Participants are not fulfilled to the end of their term or if the information provided by the participants is false or considered a misrepresentation. Existing Eligible Buildings must be connected to Énergir’s natural gas network and use natural gas or renewable natural gas (or a combination of both) for space heating, either with a warm air (forced air) or hot water central heating system, for at least 12 months at the time of the application to participate in the Offer.