Natural Gas Equipment Maintenance Services & Repair

Did you know that maintaining your home's natural gas heating system is essential, even required? Our experts can't stress this enough, for many different reasons.

The maintenance of your natural gas heater is important for the life of your appliance. It reduces the risk of a breakdown and promises optimal performance, as well as energy efficiency.

Also, regular maintenance of your natural gas heater will prevent the unwanted emission of carbon monoxide, and in turn help you avoid related health hazards.

Natural Gas Heating System Maintenance and Repair

In accordance with the Quebec Building Act, maintenance of your natural gas heating system must be done “according to the manufacturer's specifications”. Here at GMP Énergie, we have specialized technicians throughout Quebec ready to offer you impeccable service on any brand or model of heating equipment.

Moreover, this maintenance (regardless of the appliance) honors the equipment manufacturers warranties on parts and components, and ensures the safety, performance, and energy efficiency of your unit.

Natural Gas Water Heater Maintenance and Repair

Just like with your heating system, maintaining and repairing your natural gas water heater is paramount. It not only extends the life of your appliance, but also promises you peace of mind.

Here at GMP Énergie, we train our specialized technicians on an ongoing basis, according to the latest compliance standards. This way you can benefit from cutting edge expertise, as well as sound advice.

Purchase a protection plan

Ah, the famous protection plans. It's when bad luck knocks on our door that we would have liked to have one! With natural gas appliances, a protection plan is a highly beneficial solution.

A service call for a heating breakdown is expensive, about $400 on average and a simple one time tune-up costs roughly $300. GMP Énergie has specially designed protection plans to prevent these costly breakdowns.

The maintenance of natural gas appliances is essential.

A well maintained gas appliance :

  • Will last longer
  • Will consume less energy and reduce your natural gas bill
  • Is less likely to break down
  • Reduces the risk of carbon monoxide fumes

I don't need a protection plan because my equipment is new!

As with any product, we tend to have to have blind faith in things that are new. And that’s totally understandable! Nevertheless, remember that new or not, you must respect the manufacturer’s requirements to honor the warranties and it is required by law.

I don't need a protection plan. I will pay for the repairs when I have a breakdown.

The average cost of a service call is around $400 and a simple one-time tune-up costs roughly $300. A protection plan avoids these unpredictable costs.

Think of it as insurance: you’ll be glad you have it when a problem arises!

And on top of that, this plan even gives you priority service.

Buy a protection plan directly on the web!

Your monthly payments will be invoiced directly on your Énergir account and you will receive your contract by mail or email, depending on the chosen option.

Purchase a plan