Complete maintenance and repair of residential heating and air conditioning systems1

Our expert is just a click away, ready to give your home heating, your air conditioning system2 , or your heat pump2 a tune-up that will reduce the risk of power failures and help keep your winter cozy, or your summer fresh.

Maintenance is carried out by a certified technician, expert in heating appliances, water heaters and air conditioning. He will check your installations and make the necessary adjustments to ensure safe operation and offer you comfort in all seasons.

Your appliances must be regularly inspected and maintained by qualified experts. Poorly maintained natural gas equipment can emit carbon monoxide (CO) in your home and cause a health hazard. Poorly maintained air conditioning units can leak refrigerant gas and thus lose their efficiency. Annual maintenance is required.

Regular maintenance increases the life of your appliances, while reducing the risk of breakage or malfunction. Well-maintained appliances improve energy efficiency, resulting in savings on your energy bill.

How to repair a heater or air conditioning system

Heater or air conditioning repair is a complex task that requires mechanical expertise.

Gas heating is a complex system that requires specific skills and knowledge to repair properly. If you're not dealing with an expert, common mistakes when repairing your system can not only make the problem worse, but also pose risks to your safety.

Instead, hire a qualified heating repair professional to effectively diagnose and repair your heating or air conditioning system. That way, you can enjoy optimal comfort in your home.

Heating and Air Conditioning Systems Maintenance includes:

  • Thorough cleaning of the integral components
  • Inspection of :
    • the operation sequence
    • the combustion quality (natural gas appliance)
    • the tightness and leakage
    • the combustion exhaust pressure (natural gas appliance)
    • the circulation and filter
    • the electrical power supply
    • the safety couplings
    • the compressor, condenser and evaporator (air conditioning units)

Air conditioning and heat pump maintenance and repair in the Greater Montreal area

Our air conditioningand heat pump2 maintenance and repair services are available throughout the greater Montreal area.

With 20 years of experience, we offer reliable and professional services to ensure that your heating or air conditioning system is in good working order all year round. Our experienced technicians are available to perform regular inspections and repairs to ensure that your heating system is running safely and efficiently.

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Commercial Heating System Repair and Maintenance

Avoid power failures, save energy and get return on investment

From a business perspective, a power failure in the middle of winter can have important consequences. Our expert is only a phone call away, ready to give your building heating system a tune-up that will reduce the risk of power failures at -30 degrees.

Our expert will carefully check your heating system, and service it to deliver a safe, optimal combustion performance.

Total energy management has become an important financial issue for residential, commercial and institutional property managers. Take advantage of our expertise to reduce your energy consumption, increase the lifespan of your heating appliances and enjoy greater comfort in complete security! 

1 For residential customers in the Montreal metropolitan area (Montréal, Laval, Laurentides, Lanaudière and Montérégie). The labor rate for a tune-up is $139.00 for the first hour + a minimum travel fee of $105.99 + applicable taxes. Time in excess of the first hour will be billed in 10-minute increments at the current rate. In the event that parts need to be replaced, they will be invoiced at the price in effect at the time of the work, as well as the applicable labor rate. If the required parts are not available in the technician's truck, transportation time for parts supply is at the customer's expense.
For customers outside the Montreal metropolitan area, please contact GMP Énergie at 1-866-641-7587 for more information.

This service is intended exclusively for customers connected to Énergir’s natural gas network and who have an air conditioning system or a heat pump with forced air conduits. Wall units and window air conditioners are not included in this GMP Énergie service offer.