The benefits of buying your water heater with GMP Énergie

GMP Énergie offers recognized brands of water heaters with proven reliability and durability.

Our water heater installers are certified contractors and hold all the credentials required to install your water heater. They respond promptly and are readily available to serve you.

Also, when you do business with GMP Énergie, you have access to a 24/7 telephone service, which deals with any problem on a priority basis.

Our range of water heaters

Here are the main features of our available models:

Tank Based Natural Gas Water Heaters

These heat water more quickly than electric water heaters. Atmospheric and direct vent units are unaffected by power outages.

UG40 Atmospheric Water Heater

Atmospheric Water Heater

Requires a chimney vent

Autonomous and silent, operates without electricity

Energy Star models available

30-, 40-, 50-, 60- or 75-gallon tank

GI50 DV Direct Water heater

Direct Vent Water Heater

Silent, autonomous, wall exhaust without electricity

Energy Star models not available

40- or 50-gallon tank

UG40 PV Force Water Heater

Power Vent Water Heater

Electrical exhaust ventilation fan (not autonomous)

Energy Star models available

Easy and flexible installation

40-, 50-, 60- or 75-gallon tank

NEW ! Tank Based Electric Water Heaters

They are less expensive and easier to install, but do not work during power outages.

Easy to install

Efficient and versatile

40 or 60 gallon tank available

Conversion fees from natural gas to electricity applies

Tankless Natural Gas Water Heaters

Efficient and versatile and space-saving, they provide you unlimited hot water.

Requires electricity

Energy Star certified

Tank-free unit (only heats the water you need)

Space-saving design

30% more efficient than a standard model

Reduce your energy consumption

Thanks to our selection of Energy Star certified water heaters, we offer you more energy-efficient water heaters in order to reduce the energy consumption of our customers. See for yourselves the unparalleled cost effectiveness of these water heaters.

Request a quote for the replacement of your water heater

Request a quote now for the replacement of your water heater. Our experts will get back to you shortly with a price, as well as all the essential information. 

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 If an upgrade, additional work or conversion costs to electricity are required, an additional amount may be charged by GMP Énergie or the installer.