Questions & Answers

Water Heaters

Q: Are there particular companies that have been mandated to replace water heaters?

A: No. GMP Énergie, municipalities and government agencies do not solicit door to door offering to replace water heaters. You should also be aware that you have a vested right over your equipment and that the building code, the natural gas code and other government standards cannot require you to change your current appliances for Energy Star® certified appliances.

Q: Will an Energy Star water heater allow me to save over 25% on my monthly energy bill?

A: According to Natural Resources Canada, a standard storage water heater offers an energy efficiency rate of 62% while an Energy Star® certified storage water heater is 67% efficient. This efficiency improvement provides estimated savings of $30 per year, or $2.50 a month (source: Energy Star®) .

Q: How should I choose a water heater rental company?

A: The first question to ask yourself is this: Do you really know the company that is offering the rental service? How long have they been in business? How long have they been offering a water heater rental service? What expertise do their installers have?

GMP Énergie employs over 30 expert technicians whose knowledge and skill about water heaters is unmatched in the industry. The GMP Énergie rental program has existed for many years, and some of our clients have been renting water heaters from us for over 30 years.

The second question to ask is this: What does the rental fee cover? Is there a charge for installation? Is there a charge to remove the old water heater? Does the monthly fee include a parts and labour warranty on the equipment for the entire duration of the rental? What services are offered in the event of breakdown? Can you reach the service 24 hours a day?

When you rent your water heater from GMP Énergie, you receive a parts and labour warranty for the entire duration of your rental, at no extra cost. And, in the event of a breakdown, you can reach a customer service counselor at any time of day, 24/7.


Q: Is my installation compliant?

A: All installations carried out by GMP Énergie comply with the standards of the Régie du bâtiment du Québec and the Natural Gas and Electricity Codes. They are carried out by certified Énergir partners.

Q: What are the benefits of renting my appliances from GMP Énergie?

A:  GMP Énergie has been offering an appliance rental service for many years. Our rental program includes many benefits:

  • You pay nothing for the installation of your appliances¹ and GMP Énergie will take away your old appliance.
  • Your peace of mind is guaranteed, because your appliance is covered by a parts and labour warranty for the entire duration of your lease (service and repair charges are included in your monthly fee).
  • You will receive a single monthly bill (Énergir + rental fee).
  • Our customer service call center is at your service 24/7.
  • Our installations are safe and always compliant with Régie du bâtiment du Québec standards.

Q: Who can answer my questions about renting appliances?

A:  GMP Énergie client service advisors are available 24/7. For further questions, call 1-866-641-PLUS (7587).

¹ If an upgrade is required, an additional amount may, in some cases, be charged by GMP Énergie at the beginning of the rental period.

® Certification mark of the United States Environmental Protection Agency