Replace your roof-top unit

Gaz Métro Plus offers replacement of your roof-top units by quality equipment from well-known brands. This type of unit is the ideal solution for meeting air conditioning and heating needs in commercial space. Easy to install, efficient and powerful, the roof-top unit provides air conditioning, heating and ventilation for large areas without taking up indoor space.

After 10-15 years of use, though, its air conditioning efficiency decreases, and repairs are generally expensive. It is often more advantageous to replace it rather than having it repaired, particularly since the newest models incorporate the latest technology, which provides maximum energy efficiency.


If you have to replace your roof-top unit, remember that with Gaz Métro Plus you can benefit from our flexible financing offer.

Our Financing Offer

  • Flexible payment terms
  • Advantageous financing options available
  • Emergency service available
  • Financial assistance through different programs from Énergir and others1


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For installation or replacement of roof-top units, Gaz Metro Plus teams up with only reliable and renowned partners.

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